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Lylacorp’s commitment to service excellence is what sets us apart in the security industry. Lylacorp’s superior service begins with its employees. Well-chosen security officers are our most valuable asset. We are committed to hiring high caliber officers who are professional, intelligent, dedicated and properly trained and qualified.

Candidates are carefully selected to meet the high expectations of Lylacorp and its clients. On- going training and quality assurance measures ensure that our officers are some of the industries finest.

Lylacorp’s main focus is always on meeting the security requirements of the clients, i.e. understanding the security issues that our clients face and the industry in which they operate.

A unique solution is then tailor-made to provide a wide range of security services of the highest quality to resolve any security and safety related issues as well as providing the best protection for the client, their employees, their assets and information. Through under-standing the client’s needs and applying managerial expertise Lylacorp is always able to deliver the required result for all its clients. It is the goal of Lylacorp to provide a level of security service that exceeds its client’s expectations. Lylacorp’s Quality Assurance Program is designed to ensure the highest level of performance and client satisfaction.

The Quality Assurance Program is a continual process that includes comprehensive security programs customized for each client, regular quality evaluations and client feedback. Quality assurance measures such as security inspections, on-going training and emergency response drills ensure that security officers are meeting the high-level service expectations set by Lylacorp. The comprehensive Quality Assurance Program allows Lylacorp clients to enjoy peace of mind.

Integrity is the key principle of the company. Lylacorp believes in entering into an honest and open business relationship with its clients. Their security personnel are trained to deal with all situations courteously. This extends to all client’s personnel including their visitors, subcontractors, suppliers, employees and representatives.

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Lylacorp provides a unique approach with a combined use of CCTV, Biometrics and Videofied technologies to deliver a well rounded world class security and monitoring solution.

Private Security Regulatory authority(PSIRA).

The corporation uses a BBEEE employment policy with preference given to, properly qualified and trained, previously disadvant- aged individuals (PDIs).

Lylacorp also has a strict adherence to the Employment Equity Act ensuring that the rights of its employees are not violated in any way.

Lylacorp’s approach is one of Crime Preventing, we belief that the only way to prevent crime is to Arrest the perpetrators. In doing just that the Crime is Stopped, and not only is that currant crime Resolved but also previous crimes.


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