Lylacorp is a growing South African out of the box driven
security service provider with its head office in Midrand.

Residential Solution

In residential security, verification is espe-cially critical to know whether an alarm is legitimate or not.

Police give priority response to video Lylacorp alarms, treating them as a crime in progress. Installation is easy. Since Lylacorp is completely wireless, installing a system requires no cables, drilling or modifications to the home. In addition to interior devices, Lylacorp can also protect outdoor assets – external garages, backyards, pool areas and more all on the same system!

Small Business and Enterprises Solution

Lylacorp is ideal for protecting offices and businesses, functioning as a normal alarm system but delivering greater protection with video verification and priority response.

Lylacorp can be installed as a new “standalone burglar alarm” if there is no existing alarm system. Lylacorp is also available to “upgrade” existing traditional alarm systems with video verification and greater security.

Outdoor Solution

Agriculture, Cell Towers, Construction Sites, Copper Theft, Dealerships, Guards Ehancement, HVAC Rooftops, Remote Facilities and mines, Petro/Chem, Scrap/recycling, Substations and vehicle lots.

Agriculture Solution

Farm murders is a growing and real life threatening situation in South Africa, and we at Lylacorp take this VERY SERIOUS.

We need to protect our food producers, THE FARMERS. South African farmers have suffered from attacks for many years. Lylacorp provide out of the box solutions for its Food Producers, THE FARMERS…


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