As a state-owned company, Airports Company South Africa is mandated to advance South Africa’s national agenda of economic growth and development while delivering a sustainably profitable business. We strive to fulfil this mandate by conducting our business in an ethical manner that enables inclusive growth and creates sustainable value for all our stakeholders.”


Our mission

To develop and manage world-class airport businesses for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our vision

To be a world-leading airport business.

Vision 2025

To be the most sought-after partner in the world for the provision of sustainable airport management solutions by the year 2025.

Our values

Airports Company South Africa’s values are defined by the acronym PRIDE: Passion, Results, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence.

Airports Company South Africa has a three-pillar strategy:

Run airports,
Develop airports and
Grow footprint.

These pillars are supported and enabled by our Sustainability Framework. Each of these elements is aligned to our mission, vision and objectives. Our strategy is implemented and its performance measured against a set of strategic objectives and associated KPIs.

Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework consists of three elements (our business, our environment and our people and society) which guide the fulfilment of our mandate and ensure that our decisions and actions are in concert with our journey towards Vision 2025.

Our business

At Airports Company South Africa, we strive to enhance our reputation, improve the passenger experience, increase stakeholder satisfaction, contribute to airport traffic and to diversify our business.

Our environment

We are determined to minimise our environmental impact and we strive to have carbon-neutral operations.

Our people and society

Aligned with the South African government’s National Development Plan objectives as a state-owned company, Airports Company South Africa is committed to contributing to black economic empowerment and supporting the growth of black business; providing improved access to airports for all South Africans; improving airport connectivity to the regions we serve; and creating a positive environment for anyone working in or moving through airports.

Long-term horizons

Airports Company South Africa’s strategy is intended to meet objectives of creating value over the short-, -medium and long-term, and is thus broken up into three horizons:

  • Horizon 1: By 2020, we aim to extend and defend our business.
  • Horizon 2: By 2025, we aim to build associated emerging businesses and drive medium-term growth.
  • Horizon 3: Beyond 2025, we seek to create viable business options to ensure its our success in the long-term future.
Strategic outcomes

The effective implementation of Airports Company South Africa’s strategy is intended to bring about business, social and environmental outcomes.

Although our strategic objectives from 2020 onwards have been reduced to a list of five, this merely simplifies and streamlines our strategy and in no way diminishes business, social or environmental outcomes.

Strategy map

Our strategy map depicts our strategic objectives and KPI’s in the context of our balanced scorecard (Financial; Customer and stakeholder; Internal Processes and Organisational Capacity) and our strategic pillars (Run airports, Develop airports, Grow footprint). The strategy map directs our activities in generating long-term value for the Company: see more on page 24