Our stakeholders Stakeholder focus areas Examples of engagement
Government, Regulating Committee Policy, economic regulation and licence to operate
  • Quarterly reviews with Regulating Committee
  • Reports and engagements with the Department of Labour
Employees, unions, suppliers Input: Operations
  • Employee roadshows and union collaborations
  • Preferential procurement programmes and tender processes for suppliers
Passengers, airlines, tenants and concessionaires Output: Clients and customers
  • Airline operating committees
  • External stakeholder newsletter, social media, and ASQ programmes for passengers
  • Engagement sessions
Community, NGOs, environmentalists Dependent: Vested interests
  • External stakeholder newsletter, website and events
  • Stakeholder meetings and task team forums
Media and special interest groups Independent: Influencers
  • Brand awareness, networking and stakeholder hospitality
Associations, partners Partners
  • Providing input for International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regional bodies
  • African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC)
  • Airports Council International (ACI)
  • Meeting with airline associations
Shareholders, investors Capital and funding providers
  • Roadshows, results presentations and AGMs
  • Rating reviews
  • Meetings with institutional bond holders, funders and investors
Examples of concerns Benchmarking
  • Long-term industry sustainability and licence to operate
  • Alignment to government mandates and social development programmes (e.g. NDP and UN Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • RepTrak®
  • Fair and transparent remuneration with job security and career progression
  • Transformation and ease of doing business for suppliers
  • RepTrak®
  • Leadership culture index
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • B-BBEE
  • Negotiated low airport charges for airlines
  • Access to infrastructure, support and information for tenants
  • Understanding passenger and partner needs
  • RepTrak®
  • Airport stakeholder survey
  • ASQ
  • Job creation
  • Community development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • RepTrak®
  • B-BBEE
  • ACI Carbon Accreditation
  • Airline performance
  • Unethical business practices
  • Airport safety and security
  • Customer satisfaction
  • RepTrak®
  • ASQ
  • Airport Stakeholder Survey
  • Long-term industry sustainability
  • Compliance with regulator licensing requirements
  • Industry safety and security
  • RepTrak®
  • Airport Stakeholder Survey
  • Sound financial performance, return on equity and dividends
  • Strong governance and regulatory compliance
  • Assurance of annual financial statements
  • Credit rating agency assessments
  • RepTrak®

Most of our benchmarking or assessments are independent and externally evaluated. For additional information refer to the
Performance review section